Wildwood and District Rod and Gun Club

-      These Range Operating Rules cover the range facility operated by the Wildwood and District Rod and Gun Club. (WRGC) 

-      Requests for any exemption from any these rules shall be submitted in writing to the WRGC President for approval by the WRGC Executive at the next monthly meeting.

-      WRGC is not responsible for any accidents on or off the range.

-      All shooters are responsible for their own safety.

-      Members must wear their current membership card in a visible manner while at the range.

-      Members are allowed one guest at a time.  Third time guests should buy a membership.

-      Members always have shooting priority over any guests.

-      All guests are the responsibility of the club member that signed them in.

-      No pets allowed on range property

-      Anyone drinking alcohol, smoking of marijuana, or using illegal drugs will be reported to the RCMP. Evansburg RCMP. (780)727-3654

-      Every shooter (member and guest) must individually sign the register in a legible manner, complete with membership number.  NO group sign-ins; e.g. The Smith family & guests  

-      Raise the Red Flag before you start shooting and Lower the Flag when you are done shooting.

-      Only load your firearm at the firing line.

-      Do not point a firearm at anyone or anything, control the muzzle direction at all times.

  - When a Range Officer or anyone calls a cease-fire the shooters must stop shooting, unload their firearms, leave the action open, muzzles pointing down range, step back from the firing line and listen for further instructions.

-      During a cease-fire do not touch your firearms, for any reason. 

-      All shooters must shoot only from the firing line.  No going down range to shoot unless you have written approval of the WRGC Executive.   

 -      If two or more shooters are on the range, one of the shooters shall act as a Range Officer.                                        

-      Wait for the all clear call before going down range to collect or install targets.

-      Use only standard type targets made from paper or clay.

-      Any targets other than those listed above must have written approval of the WRGC Executive.

-      Glass bottles, propane tanks, electronics, or other such things are not approved targets.

-      No Tannerite, Firebird, or any other Binary Exploding targets

-      Do Not Shoot Target Stands or Gong Enclosures

-      Direct your shots into the backstops and not into trees or side berms.

-      Do not direct shots at the ground.  This causes ricochets and projectiles may inadvertently leave the Range.

-      No 50BMG class rifles.  Range is not certified for this template of rifles.

-      No shotguns or centre-fire rifles on rim-fire / handgun range. Rifles chambered for pistol rounds are permitted.

-      Keep your range clean.  Pick up your garbage.  Shot shell hulls, brass, used targets etc.

-      No hunting on Range property.

-      Shoot only during daylight hours.  No shooting after dark or before daylight.

-      Keep the gate locked at all times.

-      Be safe, be wise, be courteous, it’s your Range don’t lose it.

-      All range users are required to adhere to these rules or range privileges may be revoked.


Wildwood Archery Range Rules - 2019

 ARCHERY Range Rules: 

·        The general rules for use of the archery range will be similar to the range rules for the rifle and the pistol range.

·        The ARCHERY Range is the ONLY area (location) where Archers can shoot their Bow.   

·        Every Archer using the archery range has to sign the register book, same rules as rifle and pistol and the RED FLAG rules is also applicable.

·        Shooting a firearm on the Archery range is COMPLETELY PROHIBITED.

·        No one goes ahead of the Shooting line until an all clear has been requested and all Archers have acknowledged it.

·        The Archery range is a 50 Yard distance. If Archers decided to go down range, (shooting from the 20 – 30 – 40 yards marker), a mutual and a clear agreement must be in place between Archers.

·        If an Archer requests a cease bow shooting to go down range, (checking or replacing target(s), all bows or cross bows must be racked.

·        The Range does not provide targets for the Archery range. Archers are required to provide their own target, type of a high-density foam target  (e.g. the Block, or thick foam pad). These will typically be 20 inches wide by 20, inches tall or larger and made from hard foam. It must be removed after the Archer is finished.

·        The back stop above each table and between the 2 tables, should not be used for holding (stapling) paper target, purpose of these back stop is to avoid losing your arrows.

·        Archers are allowed to use their own 3 D target and place them in the open space between the 2 tables located at the down range.

·        If a cease-fire is in place in the pistol or rifle range, this cease-fire will not affect the Archery range, and vice versa.

·        Any arrow point with sharp blades typically called “broad head”, is not allowed.